What can I say about the year 2016…..is has been a very wonderful year..!😀

From January to December every day /every week  I might say has been very interesting to me…

I’ve had many experiences this year.I considerate it to be the best year in my life yet….

Coming to the experiences,


At this time I was at my hostel in Vijayawada FIITJEE.  I believe  it is one of the best New Year Celebrations.I had  friends around,cakes,people of the city celebrating,wishes,happiness,movies,and more importantly HOPE.

The rest of the month went by preparing for my Board examinations and as well as for the competitive examinations you know which which is much necessary for an aspiring engineer in India.


This was a time I was actually according to everyone was seriously preparing for my Board examinations but rather you know as all AP students I was enjoying…you know enjoying…!😋

I did study kinda serious though..when i had to.

I also probably by this time must have applied for all the entrance examinations.So yeah,I was parallely preparing for those too.



Yeah right…😋

They went on very well…sadly in my centre we weren’t allowed to copy.So when everyone used to comeback from the examination,they used to be like

“Rey mama!Ee roju maa invigilator picha lite ra…!!”

and I’d be like…

“Deenmma jeevitham..!😠”

Immediately after the Boards……we had to start preparing for our enttance examinations…yeah…..we did let off some steam on the last day of the boards..I went to two movies consecutively….never did that one before..!

Our INTENSE preparation started.


At the beginning everything seemed well but later on we got that feeling that we couldn’t crack the examination and all that feeling stuff…… everything fell apart we started thinking of colleges other than what we were actually preparing  for.We started searching for other universities in the country using the Internet.Frankly speaking we wasted alot of time near the college’s computer searching other better institutes than the IIT’s,NIT’s,BITS. We wasted alot of time there…..Still…..NO REGRETS…!!😋Memories..! :p

Ok…yeah..JEE mains day approaches.The previous day our staff and everyone else came and gave us motivation.We were happy and excited,tensed,mixed feelings,some couldn’t sleep…!

I felt a bit tensed the previous day…but okay…i went to the exam center with ultimate confidence…..The paper KILLED me though.Big story..later.!

Movie again on the same day, didn’t check the answer key. Tried to be Mr.Cool.Kinda worked out.

Later that month I went on writing many entrance examinations.Finishing all those….i sort of feeling came like

“Ekkadoo oo choota manaki oo seat vachuntadi le…ika lite..!😎”

  • MAY

Exams like JEE advance,BITSAT go on…I sadly had to say goodbye to all my Family back yhere in FIITJEE.Yeah…the FIITJEE 2014-2016 Family was an awesome family which i expect to never end…we had loads of fun those two years there in Vijayawada….believe me….Jannat tha voh.More on that later

I packed everything,bid farewell to the campus,hostel,friends,bros….😢

I left for Surat.This was the third time i came to the diamond city.It was magnificient.The first time i came was for a function.This was the very first time i travelled such a long distance alone too….Exciting…!{24Hours}

I came home,had quite a few plans….nothing was done though..😅

My Bestie Sushma.. recommended me to start watching the Worldwide famous,loved,best,fabulous,fantastic TV show of all time…….FRIENDS!😍

  • JUNE

I became so obsessed with the show that even 3:00 was okay for me to go to sleep.

I later left for Bangalore for attending Amrita’s Counselling.I opted for CSE in Amritapuri….Yeah…We have three campuses.

That stay in Bangalore was memorable as my Appa’s childhood friend’s home was where we were staying.They were just too awesome…i loved their humbleness…they had a role in helping me chose my branch choice.More on that later..

I returned from India’s Silicon Valley to the Diamond City.FRIENDS obsession increased with the season numbers.I completed it and like everyone else felt sad…..later after going through many online posts about FRIENDS i realised/found out that….

“Dont be sad that it ended,be happy it happened”

This brought alot of change in me.”Tge line was just apt for both FIITJEE and FRIENDS ”

  • JULY

I bought all my required stuff for Hostel.This time it was tough leaving home but i did some how try not to cry……tears found their way out bro….

I left for Mumbai early morning with Appa.From the Railway Station to the Airport.Our flight was to Kochi.We arrived a bit earlier the airport…so we roamed around the plce…believe me i was so happy cause this was my first flight after 8 years…the last one was when i came back to India.🇮🇳

We reached Kochi.


  •  I travelled alone like many times in these 5 months.
  • I went on a flight alone.
  • I became a major this year.
  • Ended many incomplete things.
  • I learnt loads about the world.
  • I attended an SSB interview for the Indian Navy which i got screened in and was given accomodation,food and travelling charges.😎…

More on everything later….

I just hope the next year brings much as enjoyment as this one….a little more wouldn’t cause harm would it?🤔


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