The Beginning

Thud!!..and i fell down here on this palnet and the first thing i get is a spank!

I was born in city of Hyderabad,the then Capital of United Andhra Pradesh,India to Mr.S.Surya Prakash and Mrs.S.Veena.I  have a little sis S.V.S Kalyani.(yeah…we south Indians surely do have long names :P)

So,basically i am a Kannada-Telugu guy whose hometown is Machilipatnam,Andhra Pradesh.Yeah…you got me right..My parents roots are from Karnataka,but their parents and some  older generations came to the Telugu states,so yeah that’s how I am what I am.

My father being a private sector employee used to shift from places to places in search of better opportunity.Owing to this reason,i have been to quite a few places in this world,that includes crossing the country.

These are the places i’ve lived till date:

  • Hyderabad
  • Francistown(Botswana)
  • Gabarone(Botswana)
  • Eluru,(A.P)
  • Bhimavaram(A.P)
  • Vijayawada
  • Surat
  • Amritapuri(KL)My life can be divided into chapters too using these places cause each place had something to teach me,each place had something i would love,each place had something i would miss when i was gonna leave it.So..yeah..right now i am a Computer Science Freshmen at Amrita School of Engineering,Amrita University, Amritapuri,Kerala.

    Other than living in those places,I’ve been to some places which are breathtaking,places which gave me amazing life experiences……much much more .

    I’ll write a separate a post on each chapter and experience I’ve had till date coz….that’s   what this blog is all about!



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